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Mortgage Experts, Admiring You.

  • Get Pre-Approved In Minutes.
  • Shop Rates Among Multiple Lenders.
  • Love Our Simple, Fast & Easy Process.
What Does Lendmire Stand For?

Lendmire is a contraction of the words “lend” and “admire.” We admire our employees, clients, and everyone whose lives are touched by our work. Admiration to us means we endorse you, see the best in you, and we are advocates for your success. We’re bringing admiration back to the mortgage industry!


We embrace technology to make our processes efficient, however the human element of our service is truly what makes our company great. We will never lose sight of that.

Brandon A. Miller

Founder & CEO, Lendmire

Why Lendmire?

Our mission is two-fold– blend forward-thinking technology with an exceptional service attitude to create smoother mortgage experiences that close quickly & easily every time. We understand how vital pricing, payment options, and approval speed can be; that’s why striving for excellence has become second nature at Lendmire—and best of all? It really shows in our customer satisfaction rates! At the heart of this newfound experience lies one goal: showing you how much we admire your commitment to achieving financial success through homeownership! #BeAdmired #ChooseLendmire.

Simple, Fast & Easy!

1: Pre-Approval

A loan pre-approval sets you up for a smooth home buying experience.

2: Shop

Start working with a real estate agent and viewing homes.

3: Loan Application

Provide some information about yourself and the property you’re buying.

4: Loan Processing

Assemble all necessary paperwork and details for the underwriter.

5: Underwriting

Evaluates all documentation in the loan package to ensure guidelines are met.

6: Closing

Documents are drawn and sent to the title company or attorney for loan closing.


What Information Should I Have Available When I'm Ready To Apply?

For your initial pre-approval we’ll ask questions about your income, assets, credit history and employment. In addition, you will be required to pay a minimal fee to cover the cost of your credit report so that we can verify your credit history.

Once you start the application process we’ll need to verify the information you gave us with specific documentation, such as your last two years of income tax returns, bank statements, pay stubs and documents pertaining to other personally owned real estate. You’ll receive notification in writing of required documentation needed to obtain a final approval. In some cases, our Underwriting Department may request additional information.

Do I Need To Find a Home Before I Apply?

No!  Getting started before you find a home may be the best thing you could do!

If you get started before you have a property to purchase, we can issue a pre-approval subject to you finding the perfect home, which you can use to assure real estate brokers and sellers that you are a qualified buyer. Getting pre-approved for a mortgage will even give more weight to any offer that you make.

When you find the perfect home, you’ll need to call your Mortgage Expert and provide your signed purchase agreement to complete your application. You’ll then have the opportunity to lock in your rate and finish the loan process.

What Are The Advantages Of Owning a Home Vs Renting?

There are many advantages to homeownership:

A sound investment – When you carefully choose a home you can afford, the payoff can be great. As a homeowner, instead of paying rent to a landlord, each month when you make your mortgage payment, you are building equity in a place of your own. The more mortgage payments you make, the more equity you’ll have. And unlike most things you buy, a home can actually appreciate in value as time passes, building more equity.

*Tax advantages – The mortgage interest and real estate taxes you pay are tax deductible which can reduce your tax bill.

*Real estate is marketable.

*You can make your own decisions about design and décor.

*You can invest in upgrades that will not only bring you pleasure but can also add to the value of the property over time.

*You have complete control over the property. You are not answering to a landlord.

I’ve Heard About Getting Pre-Approved But I Haven’t Found a Home Yet?

You wouldn’t go shopping for a new car without knowing how much you can afford. Why would buying a home be any different?

Pre-Approved Today = Less Stress House Shopping Tomorrow!

Let’s face it. One of the most stressful things about buying a home is adjusting to your new mortgage payment. Knowing your family’s financial boundaries before shopping for your new home can make the process go much more smoothly.

Your pre-approval is an essential tool when house shopping, because it…

*Determines what homes are in your price range

*Assures real estate brokers and sellers that you are a qualified buyer

*Can be used to your advantage in future negotiations

Tell Us Your Story.

Whether you are a first time homebuyer or an experienced real estate investor, having a mortgage team you can count on is crucial.

We pride ourselves on excellent communication and easy accessibility when you need us. Our experienced staff is here to guide you every step of the way.

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